KoR Whitening’s Continuously Refrigeration Method

The KoR whitening system is unique in the way that from the moment it is manufactured to the moment the patient receives the professional teeth whitening, it stays cool and refrigerated. The reason for this is that whitening gels are often unstable. The instability actually helps free trapped oxygen and other particles in the mouth to improve whitening results. But, when the teeth whitening system is allowed to heat up to room temperature, it starts to lose its effectiveness. As the whitening gel gets warmer, it starts to degrade. Since the KoR whitening system stays cool and refrigerated from production to patient, you get maximum whitening power and results.


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What Makes KoR Whitening Permanent?

The KoR whitening system at Premium Dentistry has permanent whitening results — but how? This teeth whitening routine is able to achieve these results through a multitude of factors.



KoR whitening is able to penetrate deep into the tooth and restore its ability to absorb bleaching agents like whitening gels and toothpaste. Because of this, stained particles are able to absorb a whiter, bleached color and are ultimately enabled to be restored to their original white pigment. 


Stain Resistance

Another factor that makes KoR the best teeth whitening solution is its ability to fight off future stains. It whitens, then protects from common staining factors like coffee, red wine, tea, and more. 



Although you won’t have to perform maintenance very often, it is still a crucial aspect of the KoR whitening process. Your family dentist can help you determine the maintenance intervals that will work best with your lifestyle.

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